Artificial Eyes
by Paul, Jenny and Emily Geelen

Annual ArtEyes WA Get Together

ArtEyes WA joins us each year to invite all Artificial Eye Services clients and their families to gather in Kings Park for an annual get-together.

These are lovely events where people of all ages can enjoy a friendly family lunch. In the past, we’ve mostly had picnics in the park. More recently, we’ve also experimented with indoor events so we can still meet regardless of the weather.

It’s always a challenge getting a lot of people together. We appreciate that most people will not have met the others who turn up. Initially, we felt nervous about how it would go. Every year, for ten years now, it has been a positive experience.

We’ve found that this is especially true of people who have just lost an eye or are about to lose one. They look around at the event, and they can’t tell who has an artificial eye and who hasn’t. For many, it is when they realise their lives will go on, and they’ll be ok.

It is especially moving to see teenagers turn up to these events to discover that there are other teenagers. They realise others are on this journey, and it doesn’t stop them from looking great and having a good time.

We post invitations in the mail. If yours gets lost or you’ve moved to a new address, please call us. The annual gathering is actually a catered event, so knowing who is attending is a great help.

We’d love to see you at our next event.
Paul, Jenny & Emily