Artificial Eyes
by Paul, Jenny and Emily Geelen


New Book About Eye Loss and Recovery

We’re excited to be launching “A Different Perspective – Your Guide to Eye Loss & Recovery”. We’ve designed this book to give a positive overview of the eye loss recovery process. It includes several stories from people who have lost

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Cruising With Ocularists in South Africa

I’ve just got back from the Ocularist Association of South Africa Conference. It was held on a cruise ship from Durban to Mozambique which was pretty nice. It was a relaxing cosy event where everyone knew each other and it

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Time for Celebration

We recently caught up with our lovely young friend Liana.  She and her Mum Fernette gave us this photo from a recent celebration. Liana made these fabulous eye cupcakes to share with the class to celebrate five years with an

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Emily’s Practice Eye Saves the Day

Something really wonderful happened this week. My niece Emily works with us as an apprentice. She is already highly skilled at polishing eyes. Lately, she’s started painting and making practice eyes and we’ve been impressed with the results. This week

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The Impact of a New Diagnosis

We get to meet many parents who have just come from the hospital with their child. They’ve been told that their child will need surgery to remove an eye. My friend Julia wrote a blog about how it feels to

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Air Travel With An Artificial Eye

Many people find it uncomfortable travelling by plane as their eyes get very dry in the air-conditioning. This effect is even worse if you happen to have an eye prosthesis. We’ve had lots of great feedback about Ocu-Glide. This is

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