Artificial Eyes
by Paul, Jenny and Emily Geelen


Allergies to Plastic

Eye discharge and irritation often leads to the incorrect diagnosis of allergy to plastics.   People are advised that they will need to wear a glass eye.  The reality is that a prosthesis made from medical grade acrylic, properly cured and fitted generally

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Why Do We Make Artificial Eyes?

It is surprisingly common for people to assume that you can see out of an artificial eye. This is not true. An eye prosthesis does not assist with the physical problems of eye loss like perspective and field of vision.

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Glass eyes

Most people who know someone with an artificial eye will refer to it as a glass eye. A quick Google search reveals that there is a lot more information on the web about glass eyes (677,000 hits) than artificial eyes

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Pirate Picnic in the Park

We are very proud to sponsor the thriving support group ArteyesWA. On Sunday Jenny and I joined one hundred people for a Pirates Picnic in the Park. ArteyesWA operates to provide support and social opportunities for people with prosthetic eyes

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Ocularists Association of Australia

As you can imagine in the specialised field of making eye prostheses, you don’t often get a chance to talk shop. Nine years ago the Ocularists Association of Australia formed and gave us our first opportunity to get together. Over

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The burden of choice

Yesterday we spoke to a young woman with a tough choice to make. Her doctor says there is cancer in her eye. He recommends removal of the eye. The choice to proceed is hers. As we talked I could see

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