Artificial Eyes
by Paul, Jenny and Emily Geelen


New Website for Ocularists

We’ve been delighted with the success of our international website Artificial Eyes. Both ocularists as well as people with eye loss have found it a valuable resource. It has become clear that ocularists need a website specifically developed for them.

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Dubai Artificial Eye Clinic- December 2010

After twenty years of practicing my trade as an ocularist in Australia I’ve branched out and have been consulting in Dubai for the past two years. I consult at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai which is located at Dubai Healthcare City.

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Safe Practice – The Cool Thing To Do

This year we have seen a lot of eye loss from work place accidents. Something unpredictable happens and an eye is damaged or lost.  For the worker and the employer the experience is devastating. In many cases safety equipment has

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Making Eyes at Timor-Leste

I would like to start by thanking everybody who bought necklaces through the office to help sponsor the clinic in Dili. It was a resounding success! I was lucky enough to have had two work experience people assisting me in the

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“A One Eyed View Of Life” by Terry Spring

The best resource I have seen for the newly monocular is a book written by Terry Spring called “A One Eyed View of Life” Terry brain stormed the challenges faced by people living with monocular vision with the group “Cyclops

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New High Quality Conformer Shell Project

It is my dream to produce high quality conformer shells in the Philippines. How this came about is described in a recent interview I did for university study into innovation. The study investigates how people have found ways to express

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