Artificial Eyes
by Paul, Jenny and Emily Geelen


A Message of Thanks

I am thrilled to publish a new story Live The Dream by Tony Armenti. He was just seven when he found himself lying in a hospital bed with his eyes bandaged. He would lose an eye. There was concern he

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Eyes Win Vote of Confidence

We are very happy to co-operate when journalists approach us to do a story about our work. This was the case with the Sunday Times who published an article about us yesterday. We see each story as a valuable opportunity

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#21. Grow a New Eye

Paul is in Dubai at the moment.  He has sent me an email with the link to a fascinating story of eye loss. Writer Tanya Vlach suffered facial trauma and eye loss after a car accident. Her story describes some of the

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What Can Be Done About Eye Discharge?

I had an email this week from a woman who has had a new prosthesis made interstate. She was happy with the look of the eye but unhappy about the constant discharge she has been experiencing. She told us that

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You Should Have A Great Looking Eye Too

We had an interesting experience this week. We met someone who was coming in to replace an eye that was made thirty years ago. She happens to know a nine year old client of ours. Our young client approached her

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